MyPetzl Light App Reviews

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I can’t even get past the home screen with app introductions on the iPhone X. Definitely not what I excepted from a company like Petzil. It’s as if they found the least expensive app developer and went with them.

Complete Crap

This kind of worked, once, with a Reactik+. Then after programming the light, it would not connect again, no matter how many times I re-paired. Had to return the light because the light/app combo is so bad. I have tons of Petzl climbing gear, but this experience seriously damages my opinion of them as a company.


Disastrous app, doesn't work. Don't by NAO+ as the app does not work. Petzl should be utterly ashamed of putting this junk out. Avoid Petzl, expensive garbage. I am utterly sick of hardware producers who try connectivity, employ a garage app developer and end up with this rubbish.

Not usable on an iPhone X

It’s the first time I have ever encountered an iOS app where you can’t close or get past the “on-boarding” or initial tutorial screens. The last screen has a very small “X” in the top right corner - right under the battery level indicator - that no matter how hard you try, it cannot be accessed. My suggestion would be to Q/A this app on an iPhone X and re-submit to the App Store. As for the rest of the app, well I have no idea. Can’t get to it. C’mon Petzl ! You can do better.

iPhone X disaster

Did anyone bother to test this on the iPhone X? You can't even close the onboarding slide flow because the "X" to close it is to high and falls behind the upper right signal/battery icons. Additionally, the you can't click between the "Petzl" and "My Profiles" tabs at the top of the Profiles page. I'm guessing this in another iPhone X isssue because the Petzl logo in the upper right is behind the signal/battery icons again. Come on, these issues should be caught before pushing it to the app store.


First you should not have to have your lamp on to adjust profiles, you should be able to but it in bluetooth mode so you dont waste you batteries. second there are so many problems with setting up profiles they dont load correctly. In the live mode feature after you have set the perfect lighting if your phone goes to sleep or the app disconnects bam back to defaults. I traded my old petzle for this one and I want it back... Also the have never updated the firmware for the unit ever.

Will not re-pair with iPhone

I removed the headlamp from my app and now it will not reconnect. It connected to my iPad, but will not reconnect to iPhone. Makes the headlamp a bit useless, because I can no longer change on the go (who brings an iPad where you need a headlamp).

Great app!

Paired my petzl headlamp in about 5 seconds. The settings are easy to use and feels like a well made product. Thanks!

Buggy but works

It crashes ever time I go live. When I try to create a custom profile, it frequently crashes and fails to save. But I was able to program my light, and I love my Reactik+.

Rough around the edges

Like the concept, interface, and find the functionality basically there. But there are enough glitches to make using the app frustrating and confusing (i've only played with it for an hour so far, so maybe I'll get the hang of it with more time, but I think it shouldn't take that long for something this basic). Glitches include: when changing settings in a profile, sometimes they won't be reflected when looking at the profile again without force quitting and restarting the app; sometimes certain elements of the interface will become overlapped. More generally, there is no documentation and the differences between the beam patterns and the different profiles it's not always that obvious.

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