MyPetzl Light App Reviews

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Great app!

Paired my petzl headlamp in about 5 seconds. The settings are easy to use and feels like a well made product. Thanks!

Buggy but works

It crashes ever time I go live. When I try to create a custom profile, it frequently crashes and fails to save. But I was able to program my light, and I love my Reactik+.

Rough around the edges

Like the concept, interface, and find the functionality basically there. But there are enough glitches to make using the app frustrating and confusing (i've only played with it for an hour so far, so maybe I'll get the hang of it with more time, but I think it shouldn't take that long for something this basic). Glitches include: when changing settings in a profile, sometimes they won't be reflected when looking at the profile again without force quitting and restarting the app; sometimes certain elements of the interface will become overlapped. More generally, there is no documentation and the differences between the beam patterns and the different profiles it's not always that obvious.

Crashes repeatedly

I just got the Petzl Reactik+, and I would love to use the app on my iPhone SE. crashes the moment I select any of the menu options. Hopefully it will get fixed with an update and I can change my review/rating.

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